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Yutzury’s Dream & The Ransom Of Education


In the midst of so many police shootings, terrorist attacks, protests, and public figures utilizing their platforms, it’s safe to say that the United States of America is at a turning point in history.  However while so many claim that they’re working to make the country better today, others are still working to obtain the American dream that’s been left behind.

18 year old Yutzury Méndez Morales is one of those very people. Just like most teenagers, Yutzury dreams of furthering her education by going to college. Unfortunately her dreams are being put on hold due to the legal status of her parents.

It wasn’t until her freshman year in high school that Yutzury discovered the obstacles that was ahead of her.  Thanks to President Obama implementing the DACA Program, Yutzury was able to obtain a license and working permit.  However when it was time to apply for colleges, she noticed a very big difference from everyone else’s application.

Even though North Carolina has always been home for Yutzury and the schools she had been applying to were in state, she still has to pay out-of-state tuition.  Since Yuzury’s parent’s are considered illegal immigrants, she isn’t considered a resident anywhere in the United States.  Even though it was “a big hit to not be able to do things her classmates could” as she put it, Yutzury began to work harder than her peers.

However a long her journey, Yutzury was given a helping hand by one of her teachers who nominated her to be a part of the Queens Foundation.  The Queens Foundation is a volunteer based non-profit organization that ensures participants advance to higher education and become leaders in their careers and community.  Thanks to her teacher’s nomination, Yutzury was 1 of the 30 girls chosen out of thousands to be a part of the foundation.

The Queens Foundation introduced Yutzury to the world of scholarships (since she cannot receive federal aid) and many other helpful resources that she would otherwise not have been exposed to.  After attending Dudley High School for two years, Yutzury transferred to Greensboro Middle College in order to give herself a much needed head start.

As a result of her hard work, Yutzury graduated 3rd in a class where she was the only Hispanic and was accepted to most of the colleges she applied to. However, her sights were locked on UNC-Wilmington and after submitting her room deposit, Yutzury was delivered a devastating blow.

On move in day, Yutzury and her parents were summoned to the Center For Espanol and told that they had to pay $4,000 for three months in order for her to be able to attend the college, for just one semester.   After listening to Yutzury and her family plead their case, the director suggested that she go to community college and then possibly transfer.

After all the hard work and sacrifice, for Yutzury, hearing those words took the wind right out of her chest. The director’s suggestion seemed like Yutzury’s only hope to attend college, until the family came up with an amazing idea.  Instead of letting someone else dictate the future of their daughter, Yutzury’s parents decided to open up a food truck to raise money for their daughter’s education.

The food truck, recently renamed “Sandy’s,” opened in May and is located on the intersection of Spring Garden and Marriot Drive in Greensboro, N.C.  Sandy’s is open everyday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. In a world where it seems the rich continues to get richer, Yutzury and her parents urge you to stop by Sandy’s and invest in the bright future of not just their daughter, but America as well.








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