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Miss Out Greensboro, Adazia Chanel-Iman St. James Speaks On Orlando Tragedy


Our tragedy stricken lands have endured so much, and yet we endure more. Recently in Orlando, many have lost several friends, family, and lovers in a horrific mass shooting in the gay-friendly night club, Pulse. However, most importantly, we lost humans. Innocent humans just trying to have a good time. This horrific shooting has caused turmoil not just in the LGBT community, but in every community. Is our safety being taken seriously at all? Are we able to attend a club without the looming threat of terrorism? These are just a few questions we all have asked ourselves after this incident. This regular night out in Orlando turned into a nightmare. We can feel the turmoil and pain clear north, 574 miles away here in North Carolina.

Miss Adazia Chanel-Iman St. James, the current reigning Miss Out Greensboro and Miss Bull City Newcomer gave us some insight on how the LBGT community is feeling in this emotional time period. As an entertainer in the LGBT community Miss Adazia can only describe her reaction as being appalled, as she attempts to put herself in the shoes of the victims. Club Pulse in Orlando, FL where Omar Mateen injured 53 and murdered 49 people, actually had security, however they were unarmed. The only asset they had to protect themselves was a taser, which obviously was no match for the gunman. When asked if this situation would change her readiness to perform in the club scene, Adazia responded “Bullets have no eyes”, she releases with a tear not far behind, “I love entertaining too much to just throw it away over a heinous crime. I may look over my shoulder, and do lots more research on the clubs I will attend, but my heart belongs on the stage.”

Also during her interview with NC Online News, Adazia discussed her opinion on the duties of security guards and those sworn to protect, “Personally I feel all security guards in the club, or well, anywhere for that matter, should be able to protect what they are guarding. If the security guard had a weapon this mass shooting could have been prevented.”

When asked if she was given the opportunity to travel to Florida and help raise money for the victims or just give a helping hand in any way, would she? After a moment of bone chilling silence, her eyes fluttered with grief and a crack in her voice made that pain apparent. She replied “I would pack my belongings in a hot minute to travel and help, of course I would be a little uncomfortable, maybe even constantly looking over my shoulder. But I would be there!”

The LGBT community is very tight knit. Helping one another is second nature. Pulling together in outrageous situations to get through, has become the norm in America. So lets do just that! Lets pull together and prevent these acts before they tear down what we worked so hard to build.

Below are the names of the lost, But NEVER FORGOTTEN.




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