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advertisingAdvertising effectively is absolutely key to driving business to your company!  Products and services are not going to sell themselves, until they are introduced to your target market in a unique, memorable, efficient way.

NC Online News offers a wide variety of advertising services for its potential clients.  Our specialty teams, of course, offer traditional print advertising, including graphic design.  And, they also offer innovative video advertising.  Be sure to check out all the ads throughout our website.  NCON has created them all.  Let our team design and implement your next marketing and advertising campaign.

Video advertising is far more effective in regard to bringing customers into your business, or helping to sell your products or services.  Video advertising gives your customers a streaming view of your business, the services your business offers, and/or your products.  Video advertising boasts an 80% more effective way to display, describe, and help your potential customers understand what your business does, what your products do, or what your services provide.  In essence, as a business owner, manufacturer, or contractor, you are far more likely to get new customers using video advertising.

We offer traditional advertising, as well.  Print ads can also be highly effective in reaching your target market.  Our traditional advertisements are typically placed in our Classifieds section, where those ads are categorically organized for optimum searchability.advertising

Whether you choose traditional ads, video ads, or a combination of both, be sure to let our local advertising team help with your next marketing and advertising campaign.  We have packages that fit most marketing budgets.  You can reach our teams at

rate card levels - no price

There are more video production options.  Documentaries, Training Videos, Music videos, Event & Wedding Videos, PodCast Productions, and so much more.  If you can think of it, we can produce it.  We even offer specialty Photography Services.advertising


What are you waiting for?  Download our Media Kit, and call, click, or email NCON today!advertising